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Alright this is the welcome message that many of the imaginary people checking out this blog will read and chuckle at. Here is the way this will work.

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In conclusion, the general public may end up only consisting of me, myself, and I, but that is not the point of a blog, but rather for normal everyday people to write about their seemingly normal lives hoping that someone will read their ramblings.

Speaking of ramblings, that is exactly what I am doing so I shall stop talking for now until something of importance pops up.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Emotional Moment

I am a terribly unemotional person. It's not that I don't have emotions, but rather I choose not to show them. So that said, this post is about the power of a good story.
I have read many books, watched many many movies and TV shows, and have played a ton of video games. Most of these are story driven narratives and if they aren't there is a problem. Video games being the exception in the sense that you don't necessarily have to have a story in order to have a playable game, just look at how many people play Temple Run, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Farmville. But that said, I don't like games with no story. If a game doesn't have a story, I play it for a short time then get bored and move on. (Note I played Minecraft for a grand total of two hours and then got too bored). The rule carries for books and movies as well. I can read a book with no story if it is a book I knew going in wasn't going to be a story, such as a self help or instructional book or as in the case of a religious book about beliefs. Movies are normally a story only unless a documentary which I can watch but if given the choice, I will find a story based movie.
Now all that said, it has to be a good story that draws the audience in. I can sit through most stories that may have terrible narrative or story line or plot but if it gets too unbelievable I put it down and don't pick it up ever again. But apart from the media that is just beyond a doubt awful, most will still hold my attention. I like to see how the story ends, even if a bad story. But most stories even though good, will draw the response from me of, "Meh that was good. Moving on with my life as if nothing happened."
The problem being that most stories don't do anything. They don't invoke a reaction that sticks with you. Think back to one of the most memorable books, movies, or video games you have viewed. Now think about what impressed you. You probably may have several answers such as characters, plot, narrative, action or adventure, but it all comes down to how those elements emotionally touched you. It may not be a strong emotion such as wailing tears and sobbing depression but it could be a sad feeling or a joyous feeling when you see the end of the characters' stories. Now this is the point to speak of.
Humans are emotional beings, despite how much some of us may deny it (myself). We are driven by emotions whether we know it or not. Anger can produce a response while sorrow might produce a nonresponse or inaction. These emotions have started wars, caused romance, and even forced advancement in society such as a bitter conflict pushing for ingenuity in invention. But emotions also can be caused by hearing about things. We hear about the lonely girl who was taken by sex traffickers, the little boy starving in some third world country, and even the abandoned dog on the street. We all respond to these emotionally because in part of how they are presented to us. Media has the power to warp the human emotions to a response. It could be a passing emotion that comes and by lunch is forgotten or it could be a strong emotion that takes over and controls your very actions to the point of going out from there and doing something, such as working to fix the three situations presented. Either way presentation is a huge part of that.
Now this isn't a social justice post even though that is important. This is an emotional driven narrative in media post. Media has a lot of power over us when it comes to emotions. And in that light we can all think of stories in movies, books, and video games that have struck us in the emotions. A character we became so attached to that when they die we are saddened or angry. A finale to a story where the characters don't live happily ever after drives a hurt into our hearts as we watch the worlds fall apart around these people.
So all this said, emotions are important to story. If you as a entertainment writer can drive out certain emotions in your audience, you're accomplishing something beyond just a good paycheck. You are producing investment. People become invested in something they emotionally are touched by. So whether that is a story in a movie, TV show, book, video game or the message of a social justice article, clip, or magazine the end result is investment in the emotions.

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